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Practice finding and using the screen's built-in features and tools! All assignments have a description of the procedure.


Turn on the monitor and locate the switch behind the monitor bezel


If the screen is in sleep mode, you can turn it on with the "on" button located on the right side of the frame.

Under the frame behind the screen, you will find a power switch. If you are unable to turn on the monitor with the button on the front of the frame, you can check if the power switch is on and the monitor is connected to power.



Find the "home" button marked with a house


In front of the right side of the screen frame, you will find 7 buttons:  

  • The house:  Takes to the home screen

  • Input: Show connected devices 

  • Canvas: Blacken the screen

  • Play / pause 

  • Volume

  • On / Off: Put the screen in sleep mode / turn on the screen



Write, erase and insert a picture

Go to the home screen (tap "house").

Open a new board.

  • Write with the pen

  • Wipe with the palm of your hand

  • Move with your finger

  • Insert a photo or video

  • Insert a new page and choose from graphic organizers

  • Try  Share the message



Access an optional online resource

Go to the home screen (tap "house").

Open the browser located among the favorite tabs on the home screen. 

Here you can access an optional online resource.

Starred websites to save them among your favorites.



Mark an app as a favorite

Go to the home screen (tap "house").

At the bottom of the home screen you will see Apps
  in the menu. Here you will find apps that are installed on the screen, and can open SMART's app library to install new apps. 

Tap the star to mark the app as a favorite. Favorite apps appear on the home screen.



Delete a file

Go to the home screen (tap "house").

At the bottom of the home screen you will see Files
  in the menu. Here you will find all files stored locally on the screen. If you log in to the screen, you will also find nice private files that you have created in Lumio by SMART .

Hold down the file to select it and select  delete . 


Screen sharing

Test screen sharing from an external device on the screen

Go to the home screen (tap "house").

At the bottom of the home screen you will see Screen Sharing
  in the menu. Here you get the name of the screen and which network the screen is connected to. Remember that the device you are mirroring from must be connected to the same network.

Share picture and sound from your device as you would otherwise share to, for example, Apple TV and Chromecast.


PC connection

Try out Micrsoft Ink with your PC connected

Go to the home screen (tap "house").

At the bottom of the home screen, you see Input  in the menu. Here you get a preview of connected devices.

Connect your PC with HDMI and USB. (USB is required to transfer touch)

Open a file in, for example, PowerPoint, start the presentation and use the pens to write directly in your presentation.



Change the background of the screen

Go to the home screen (tap "house").

When you are on the home screen, you get access to a gear in the lower left corner of the screen, which takes you to the screen settings.

Scroll through the menu and select Wallpaper . Here you can choose from the images stored on the screen, or connect a memory stick with personal images.

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