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All work stored in the cloud. Available from all devices.


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Cloud based

Lumio by SMART is a cloud-based application. This means that you do not have to download a program to use the pedagogical tool - neither when you produce nor carry out your learning program with the students.

All work stored in the cloud

All the work you and your students do in your Lumio files is stored in your cloud library. Retrieve learning plans from all units and see the students' contributions in real time or after the end of teaching.

Invite students to attend classes

Have students follow the lessons from their own unit in the classroom or at home. The teacher's notes and changes are displayed in real time. Allow the rivers to carry out activities and play audio and video at their own pace.

Undervisningsrom med SMART Board og Lumio
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Create your own interactive assignments for your teaching subjects. Invite students to convey their knowledge and understanding through visual tasks with a combination of image, text, audio and video. 

Games and activities

Define the content of ready-made game-based activities and facilitate frequent immediate feedback to your students.  Perform tests with clear reports that can be exported to Excel.

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PhET interaktiv simulering
PhET interaktiv simulering
PhET interaktiv simulering
PhET interaktiv simulering

Interactive simulation

Have students use interactive simulation to explore, create and learn. In Lumio you will find interactive simulations from  PhET  in physics, chemistry, mathematics, geosciences and biology for all levels. 

Distribute tasks

Distribute assignments directly from Lumio to students' own units, and give them editing permission for individual pages in your presentation.  

See students' work in real time from your teaching unit. Provide guidance and assessment during or after the end of teaching, and invite students to show their work on the class' common screen from their own unit.

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Sound support

Facilitate auditory support in teaching. Record up to 5 minutes of audio to each page of the presentation. The audio clip can be played from the class 'common screen or from the students' own devices.

Use your previous work

Combine your existing files such as PowerPoint, Notebook and PDF with the tools you find in Lumio. Add game-based activities between the pages of your presentation, and hand out student-edited worksheets.

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Student-guided navigation

Decide whether the students should follow the teacher through the presentation, or let them browse between pages of video, audio, assignments and activities at their own pace.

Share with students

Share your learning plans as homework or for a student-led work session. Let the students complete the program when it suits them without you having to start the teaching session.

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